Lifestyle: Mr and Mrs Chadderton Wedding Reception..♥

Hey sweeties♥

Friday 11th October was one of the best nights of my life and I have got to say a massive thank you to the newlyweds Charlotte and Darren for inviting me to their wedding reception up in Manchester. Sadly, I couldn’t make the wedding in Cyprus due to my stupid fear of flying so to be part of their celebrations in some way felt really special.
The day started off nice and early when I met Gina in Manchester and Charlotte and Darren took us to our hotel which was super lovely of them. We had food, fake tanned Gina and had a bottle of wine while getting ready and then the unexpected happened when Gina suddenly got locked in the bathroom. To cut a long story short we ended up having 3 members of staff from the hotel try to get her out, nothing, but eventually 4 firemen later came to our rescue. We were then moved rooms, given a full refund and free breakfast the next morning, luckily this all happened just in time for us to pop our dresses on and Rachael and Bob arrived with another bottle of wine, to calm the nerves down of course.
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