Girly Weekend In Manchester..♥

Hello Sweeties♥

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and a good start to the week? I had a mix of a relaxing weekend and busy, relaxing as in pampering and going shopping for some new beauty goodies (post to come on that) and busy as in cleaning the house, boohiss! I am now counting the days down for the 4 day weekend I have ahead and then a three day weekend the week after - don't you just love bank holidays!!

Now last weekend I headed off to Manchester for the weekend to see my lovelies Charlotte and Georgina, but not just for a 7 hour shopping trip like we usually do but actually 2 days and a night, it was the best weekend ever! I headed up to Manchester on Friday early morning and we grabbed a bite to eat then it was onto the main task of the day, helping Charlotte find her perfect wedding shoes, I think we got close to but nothing perfect (damn you shops).

We then headed to the hotel and had a cocktail while we waited for our room to be ready for us, then we made the room a total bomb site, honestly three girls and three suitcases in one room was just a disaster waiting to happen. We'd booked a table at Red Hot Buffet World across the road for 6pm so we were on a mission to get ourselves ready in time, with a little sing and dance along to One Direction, cocktail in hand of course. The meal itself was beyond amazing, I love Red Hot Buffet World so much, shockingly I didn't stuff my face with puddings as I had pigged out big time on the mains, but Charlotte made up for that. We were then planning on going to have a cocktail or two at a bar, but we were so full we ended up going back to the hotel to relax, well I say relax, we ended up recording our first ever YouTube video - ARGHHH! It was so funny to make and I can't wait for you to all see it, I think we've ended up with 20 minutes worth of bloopers and only 5 minutes of video, our stomaches hurt so much with laughing. We then got into our pjs, more cocktails and sweeties and chatted, giggled and danced will into the early hours of the morning.
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All of our yummy goodies
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Georgina and I - my One Direction girly
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Charlotte and I - Love this girly so much
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Fun times while taking photos - always make the best memories and pictures
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Charlotte, Me & Georgina 
Georgina made me giggle SO much in the morning, as her first words were "We are going to see One Direction today", of course we both screamed. We had pre booked breakfast and again more giggles came as the guy at the hotel was just so rude and stupid so we had a giggle at that, Charlotte then walked with us to the MEN arena as Georgina and I were off to see One Direction that afternoon.

Now One Direction was beyond amazing, awesome, crazy, fun, exciting and just pure ahhhhhh, seeing as though we were SIX rows from the front of the stage - yes Louis was as handsome in the flesh and I wanted to kiss him, yes Harry has gorgeous hair, yes Zayn melted my heart with his voice and his tattoos make him SO hot, yes Liam is waved at us and yes Niall the cute Irish babe that he always is, made me die a little inside. I will show you more photos from the afternoon in a different post, but just as a little taster I shall leave you with this one...

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