Merry Christmas..♥

Hey sweeties♥

Just a quick post to wish all of my wonderful followers and readers around the world a very Merry Christmas.
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I hope you all get what you wished for and have the most magical day. I shall be blogging about my Christmas activities very soon, that is when I come out of a mince pie and chocolate coma. Oh and it is always ok to have a massive plateful of mini snacks, as mini's don't count - remember that!



Manchester Christmas Market & Seeing My Girlies..♥

Hey beauties

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend? I had such a busy one it feels like it went in a flash, but fear not I am not going to sulk about it after all we are on the countdown to Christmas right? I love waking up every morning and going to get my advent calendar, mainly because I get to see One Direction every morning, but I also love how Alfie knows it is his chocolate treat time too he is so cute.

Anyway, on Saturday I headed up to Manchester with my friend Lisa to go and meet the lovely Charlotte and Georgina to go around the Christmas market and to have lots of fun, giggles, food, drinks and of course do a little bit of shopping too just for good measures.

We arrived in Manchester around 11.30am and had lots of fun with Charlotte and Georgina around the Christmas market, we first of all exchanged Christmas gifts which was so sweet as it really got me in the mood even more. Then we headed into the madness of the market, we got to one part of the market that was so busy, so decided to head back into the streets of Manchester and wander around the less manic stalls.
It felt so Christmassy and as I haven't been to a market for so many years I was in my element with all of the sweet smells and Christmas songs being sung here there and everywhere. I actually didn't buy that much from the market but what I did buy was all sweet related of course. We came across the yummy chocolate stalls and sweeties where we got some massive marshmallows - they are my favourite sweeties! We ended up having a German hot dog for lunch amongst the hustle and bustle which it all part of the fun and games.
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As we were walking out of the market we came across Santa's sleigh with a massive wicker Reindeer where we could just happily jump in and get some photos, it was so funny having people gather around us while Lisa took the pictures, but all part of the fun.
We then went into Starbucks for a sit down and chin wag and of course lots of giggles, after we went onto the shopping centre and went into Poundland where we always spend so long raiding the make up section to see if we can find any beauty bargains, sadly not this time. But did manage to get a super cute Gingerbread house candle tea light holder, but I have some how managed to burn the roof of mine now ooopsies. After that Lisa and I headed off home, just as the rain had started, thank goodness it held off until then.
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When I got home Liam and I topped the night off nicely with a deal from Pizza Hut and the first part of the X Factor final which was held in Manchester, yes I was on the look out for One Direction and Gary Barlow, but sadly nothing!
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Christmas: The Christmas Tag..☃❅

Hey sweeties
So it is finally Friday, thank goodness it didn't feel like it would ever get to Friday at the beginning of the week, it has been one of those where I have been counting the days down until I go and see Charlotte and Georgina tomorrow ahhhhhhh and the rest of the week has just dragged!

As you know by now I am totally in the Christmas spirit and I've done quite a lot of Christmas related posts so far, but who's complaining? I love Christmas too much, so when I saw The Christmas Tag over at Bex's blog I just knew I had to jump on board and join in too, this was set up by Makeup-Pixi3 - so thank you.

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Q. What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
Without a doubt it has got to be the build up to the actual day. I love how festive everyone gets, the music blasting out in the shops, cosy clothes in the shops and of course the wrapping of gifts and writing cards to give out. It really is a magical time of the year, everyone always seems so happy which is lovely to see. I also love getting to see family and having lots of fun together.

Q. What’s your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
I don't really change my makeup look for the festive season as I tend to wear the same makeup each day, but with special occasions I will add a touch of eye shadow and for Christmas it will be something super sparkly. But for me I usually paint my nails festive and do some form of nail art or use Christmas stickers. 

Q. Real tree or fake tree?
I love the smell of a real tree but hate the mess that they bring with them, so for me it has got to be a fake tree. We have a fake tree up and it looks lovely, but we've got a massive candle that smells of Christmas tree so I have the best of both. 

Q. Giving presents or receiving presents?
I love giving as I love to see the joy on faces when they open them too. I always love the preparation for giving as well, the choosing of the gift, wrapping and delivering it's just something different. Don't get me wrong I love receiving too.

Q. Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
Always has been and always will be in the morning. The magic of going down stairs to see is 'Santa' has been gets me so excited even at the age of 22 I know I will be so excited about going down and seeing the gifts on the sofa ready for opening.
Q. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I am quite lazy, sadly. So I always buy my Christmas cards, but I always buy the ones where some of the money goes to charity, as I always like to give to charities that mean something to me throughout the year and especially at Christmas. 

Q. What’s your favourite Christmas film?
My favourite film was on just the other day, I love so many but my ultimate has got to be Miracle on 34th Street, I just love how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel inside. I'm also partial to a bit of ELF and Deck the Halls too. 
Q. What’s your favourite Christmas food?
Are you kidding me, I have to choose just one? Hello, Christmas + Food + Me = VERY HAPPY! I simply love love love the food at Christmas, you cannot go wrong with a big Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings but I especially love the buffet tea with the mini's of all the scrummy food. 

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