Smile of the Week #20

I have always believed that it is the little things in life that make us who we are and what matters the most and captures the heart when least expected.


Smile of the Week #19

So beautiful and so true


Nail Crackle - Black vs Gold

In my ever expanding collection of nail varnish I only have 2 crackle varnishes, both from the Barry M range, those being black and gold. To be honest I haven't ever really put them to use so I thought to myself on a random afternoon that I'd do a little tester of which I prefer. 

1. Models Own Coral Reef 2. Models Own Bubblegum 3. Models Own Fuzzy Peach 4. Barry M Pink Flamingo 5. ELF Teal 6. 17 Fairy Cake 7. 17 Parma Violet 8. Models Own Top Turquoise 9. Barry M Blue Moon

 Each nail had been given one coat of coloured nail varnish then dried for around 10 minutes to ensure that the nail effects worked properly. I then applied one layer of the Gold Barry M nail effects onto one of each coloured nails. 

I think my favourites from the gold crackle effect has got to be Barry M Pink Flamingo and ELF Teal, the golden effect seems to have worked best on these and not made the varnish underneath faint or dull either. 

On the other nails I then applied a layer on the Black Barry M nail effects to see how this would turn out on each colour.

I think that the effect from the black is very different to the golden effect and I must admit that I do prefer the gold effect much better, as it seems more subtle and has taken better. With the black on some of the colours it has made it look a little dull, which isn't something that I'd go for on my nails. 

Although, my favourites from the black effect has got to be Models Own Fuzzy Peach and Models Own Top Turquoise. 

Do you like the crackle effect nail vanishes?
 Which is your favourite brand/colour?

10 Beauty Favourites & 1 Extra of 2011

Seeing as though I am trying to add new content to Life of a Sweetaholic I though I would show you all my top 10 beauty favourites of 2011 with an additional extra, all will be explained below.

MUA Disco Ball Palette - 
Simply amazing, although so far I have only used 2 colours they are stunning and I cannot wait to try out the rest of them. I also voted this as my favourite new beauty product on my 30 day challenge.

Project D DAY Hand & Nail Cream - 
Over the winter months this little hand cream has been such a life saver, it isn't like any others that I have tried, it smells amazing and keeps my hands so soft.

Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter - 
I have been a HUGE lover of these body butters since I can remember, but honestly this mango scent is beautiful. It keeps my skin soft and smooth after I have had a pamper, especially great after shaving my legs, silky smooth.

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo - 
One of the best products to come into my life in 2011, I cannot believe I hadn't tried it sooner. Keeps my hair healthy and shiny when I need those extra 15 minutes in bed, gorgeous scent too as it reminds me of the beach.

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel - 
I love anything with the scent of pink grapefruit and this shower gel not only makes my skin smell gorgeous for hours after use, but always keeps the skin feeling fresh too. The bubbles that you get from such a small amount is amazing too!

17 Skin Perfecting Foundation - 
Without this foundation in my life I don't think I would ever step outside. Although, I don't wear a lot of make up as it is, this gives such great coverage and for hiding those pesky spot breakouts. Such a bargain at under £6 too!

Models Own Juicy Jules - 
I have just three words for this nail varnish... glitter.sparkle.shine!

Models Own Golden Peach - 
A must have summer colour, but so versatile to use all year around. My favourite colour is coral and with the added golden shimmer this nail varnish is beautiful and lasts without any chipping for around 7 days. 

17 Pink Grapefruit - 
My ultimate go to nail varnish without a doubt, simply gorgeous and at under £3 such a bargain. 

Nivea Pearl - 
I don't wear lip stick at all and I am rubbish at applying vaseline, so when I first used this beauty it has been a favourite ever since. A gorgeous subtle pink shimmer lip balm that keeps lips looks and feeling amazing.

& one extra

Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon- 
I know what you are all thinking "this isn't a beauty product at all crazy lady", correct! But this has been my ULTIMATE favourite book that I had read in 2011 and it just needed to be added into my favourites. If you are a book lover I would 100% recommend you to buy all of Paige Toons books as they are my favourite collection of books in the world, she really is that good. 


Little One Tree Hill Lovin'♥

So with some of my Christmas money I have recently purchased the One Tree Hill season 8 box set, goodbye whatever life I had before and hello Tree Hill life. I did ever so well watching season 8 on E4, as I never go online to watch any of the episodes or spoilers, but I did miss out on the very last 2 episodes of season 8 so I am going to be watching it right from the start of the season to see what happens.

I am so excited for the very last season of One Tree Hill which will be aired later this year on our screens; I haven't read anything about it apart from that it will only be a 13 episode season, instead of the usual 22+. I am obviously sad that is will all be coming to an end but what an amazing programme it has been to watch and grow up with.

What are your favourite One Tree Hill moments of all time?
Who is your favourite character?

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