One Tree Hill, Happy Birthday!!

A post for all One Tree Hill fans out there, James Lafferty and Shantel VanSanten are celebrating their birthdays today - so a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY you guys!! 

Check out some of my favourite One Tree Hill moments from James (Nathan) and Shantel (Quinn)

Lots of love

My Day With More! Magazine

Hey girls :) I hope you have all have a lovely sunny weekend, the weather was really nice where I live - for a change!
Well as most of you know yesterday (Monday) I had my photo shoot with More! magazine and as promised I would do a post on my day and how it all went etc. First of all I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of my lovely friends who tx, sent Facebook messages and Tweets wishing me good luck and to have lots of fun – all of your support really did get me through the day!

So I was up at 6am to get a shower, do my hair and finish getting my bag and case ready for the shoot, at 7am me and my dad went to pick my best friend Lisa up, as she was coming with me on the shoot for support and so we could have a fun time in London after. We managed to sort our tickets out straight away for the trains (which we were really panicking about) and got an earlier train from Mansfield to Nottingham, we got the Nottingham train station early so managed to grab a cuppa tea, but no bacon cob as they didn’t sell them, how rude!! We then got onto our train to go to London at around 9am ready for the 2 hour train journey to London, we had a big bag full of goodies, magazines and all girly things to keep us entertained and that it did. When we arrived in London we got the underground tube to Liverpool Street station as the shoot really was only a 5 minute walk from there, honestly I hadn’t ever seen a place so busy and hot it really was a scorcher.

Once I arrived at the shoot all of the girls were really nice, especially Georgina from More! magazine, she was super bubbly and made me feel really comfortable with the whole situation as I was a tad nervous- as you can all imagine! There were 3 other girls at the shoot and from what I could gather they were all from an agency, so I did feel a little uneasy around them to start with, but soon got into the swing of things. Georgina asked me some questions for the mini interview part of the shoot and then I was in hair and makeup ready to do the evening shoot first. My make up was kept quite natural with golden and coral shades which I really loved after seeing myself in the mirror, especially my eyes they really did stand out. I then went into styling for my evening outfit and I had taken my denim playsuit which they all loved but because my daytime outfit was also denim they didn’t want me to look the same it all of the shots, so I had a change of around 3 outfits for the shoot until an outfit was finally decided. The outfit I won’t say what it is, I will let you all wait to go out and buy the issue, but one thing I will say is that I wouldn’t ever have dreamed of wearing it but it did suit me to an extent.
After I had my hair, makeup and outfit sorted we then had our lunch and at this point it was around 2pm, madness really as I was only expecting the shoot to last around 2-3hours max! I had a lovely chilli chicken wrap yum yum, you know me too well girls I do love my chilli kick! After lunch we got onto the first shoot and it took around 45 minutes for the first set of photos to be sorted and to find the perfect picture. Once the evening shoot had finished, we then went into hair and makeup again for it to be toned down to a daytime look, which meant that my eyes were toned down and natural makeup and lip gloss was applied. At this point I really was in love with my hair, I had it all curly and wavy and it really did look lovely, so I am really looking forward to seeing these pictures. We did the swimwear shoot second and I felt more comfortable doing this as I was in my own clothes and no shoes so I was able to move around freely without worrying if I would fall over or something like that. The second shoot didn’t take that long around 20 minutes or something like that, but it didn’t feel like it as I really was having a lot of fun doing this shoot.
The last shoot was our day time wear, which we had our bikinis on and then just something that we would use to cover ourselves up if we were going to lunch or something. I have denim hot pants with a denim tie crop top on and I felt so glam and comfortable at the same time, I had to have my hair curled again as my hair is quite heavy the ringlets did keep falling out, but within 5 minutes I was in front of the camera again and shooting began for our last slot of the day. This shot took around the same amount as the bikini but it seemed to have flown by, by the time I got into it all and started to feel more relaxed that was it, it was over!

The photographer, makeup artist and the team were really nice and made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, the stylist knew exactly how I wanted to be styled and she was amazing and gave us lots of gossip. So I arrived at the shoot at 12 and didn’t end up leaving until just after 5.30pm, so well over 5 hours to get 3 photos for the magazine, but it really was a wonderful experience and I have that to treasure for the rest of my life. I really do feel so lucky to have been chosen to take part and especially as I have been a huge More! magazine fan since I can remember and buy it every week. It really will seem surreal when I buy the copy that I am in modelling my own style and fashion for summer.
I know you are all probably thinking ‘well come on then tell us when it will be out’ and that I can tell you will be TWO WEEKS TODAY!! I cannot believe that it will be going into the magazine so soon, I am really excited and very nervous to see the outcome of the photos and what the picture editor choose, but I have 100% faith and confidence in them – especially with the amount of photos that were taken. I will be getting the images onto a disc at some point so I will of course be able to show you all more photos from what will be in the magazine.

As the shoot took longer than expected we didn't get to do anything that we had planned to do after as our train was arriving at around 6.30pm. I was ever so gutted that I didn't get the chance to meet the lovely Tanya Howard from Secrets from behind the mask, as we were really looking forward to it all, but hopefully will be doing in October, I believe? Once again, thank you to everyone for all of your lovely comments and the support you have given me, it really has been so nice knowing I have the support from all of you as well as my friends and family at home too, you are all my little stars!!


Exciting News

Ok girls I have had some really exciting news over the past 2 days, I haven't said anything until now because I have been trying to sort plans out myself so I have been a little all over the place ahhhh!!

But on Wednesday afternoon I got an email from my favourite magazine (More! magazine) asking if I would like to take part in a photo shoot with some other More! Readers/fans, of course I said YES straight away.

I was sat reading the email with my mouth open as I couldn't believe it, I have entered so many different things for More! and haven't ever been the lucky one, but I never gave up and it just goes to show that it pays off. 

I am very excited and very nervous as well, I am a poser when I am around people I know but I have no idea how I will be on the day. I am sure I will have a lot of fun with the team and the other readers too, which will be exciting to see who else has been chosen and if I know of any of them.

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