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21 February 2019 - The yes day

During our half term break last year we decided to go to Edinburgh, we made a good old trip of it as we stopped over in Newcastle for a night as well, which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

I would love to share with you all that the proposal was all candles, rose petals and balloons but we aren’t in a movie are we? Don’t get me wrong it was romantic, but it was in our own special way, typical Rachel and Scott style.💓

Scott had been nervous all day he said (I would have been nervous as hell), it was the day we had decided to go Edinburgh castle. Ideal location to propose right? Yes, but in our world no wrong, as I couldn’t have imagined him getting down on one knee in a crowded place, he really does know me too well. So he abandoned that idea, we had a brilliant day at the castle and the weather was simply beautiful.

We went for burgers and had a wander back to the hotel, off I trot into the room and I spot a big red box on the side, me being me I thought he had got me some earrings (it’s kind of our thing, he buys me them for most occasions which I love), but nope no I turned around and there he was down on one knee, ring in hand. It was pretty much a blur after that, but being in that newly engaged bubble was amazing, it still is as I look at my ring I have to pinch myself that it is actually happening, someone is wanting to spend their life with me, how crazy is that? He chose the ring himself and honestly it couldn't have been anymore perfect if I had picked it myself (lol). 

We still had a day or so before we were due home, so we kept the news to ourselves as we wanted to tell family face to face. That alone was a funny conversation in itself, I mean who goes to tell their parents that they’re engaged everyday eh? So Scotland will forever hold a place in our hearts, it was an amazing trip and the bonus of being newly engaged 100% made it the best day of 2019.

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