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Hey sweeties♥

As I am slowly making my way back into full blogging mode and I sometimes just think "I'll blog another night" and then another night doesn't always come, so I have seen a fair few of these types of posts floating around and thought I would jump on the band wagon. It will give me a reason to blog every Thursday too so you will get at least one post a week from me. So I am starting off a new mini series on the blog called '3 Smiles' where each Thursday I will share with you all 3 things that have made me smile during the previous week.
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1 - Getting to spend 2 days with my girly Gina. I have so many giggles whenever I am with Gina and my goodness the memories we have made together is something else. We had 2 days in Nottingham as we went to see Tinie Tempah on the Wednesday night and oh my god that was the best gig I have been to, it felt like we were in an Ibiza nightclub and then did a spot of shopping on the Thursday where we spent a little too much oooopsies!

2 - Logging onto my Thomson holiday account and realising that I go away in 2 months. I am beyond excited to get away from it all for a nice week of relaxation with Lisa and to actually have some sun on my back, come on we all know a natural tan makes us all a million times happier. It also means I have a valid reason to shop until I drop as I can use the line “well it is for my holiday!”.

3 -  Snuggling with Alfie in my double bed. I've moved into the attic at home so I now finally have a double bed seeing as I couldn't fit one in my small bedroom before, so it just feels amazing to get in bed after a long day at work and relax with films and sweet treats.

What's been making you smile this week?

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