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Hey sweeties ♥

As I am sure you all know by now I am a Yankee Candle addict, honestly I don’t know how my collection has grown so big, I just can’t seem to stop myself from buying all of the new scents when they are released. I went through a phase of buying the wax tarts like they were going out of fashion, then I went onto the tea lights and now the inner shopaholic in me keeps buying the large jars. Now we all know that Yankee Candles aren't just a couple of quid, the large jars are around the £20 mark depending where you buy them from but I have found a lovely online store that goes by the name of the ScentedCandleShop who sell them for £17.99 and always have offers on too, who doesn't love a good offer right?
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I was kindly sent two large jars of my choice from the scentedcandleshop and I have to say it took me a good hour or so to choose which two I wanted, as their range is huge. I eventually went for a new Christmas scent called Merry Marshmallow* and my ultimate favourite Strawberry Buttercream*, if you haven't tried any of these two scents then get yourself online and buy them now they are simply amazing.
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With Christmas being within touching distance now I am slowly making my bedroom feel Christmassy, I have my One Direction advent calendar out and I have now added my Merry Marshmallow Yankee to my bedside table. It makes me crave marshamallows whenever I light it, the scent is a sweet vanilla with a hint of marshmallows which is delightful, but not too sickly or overpowering.
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I would say that Merry Marshmallow is the perfect sweet scented candle for Christmas, so if you've got a Yankee Candle lover in the family then why not buy one of these? There are 3 others within the Christmas range which I am yet to have a sniff of, but I have ordered myself the Snowflake Cookie which I cannot wait to try either.
The ScentedCandleShop provide excellent customer service and their delivery time was amazing, my order went through and got to me within 2 days and with the rush to Christmas that is pretty amazing to be fair. They also have a lovely YouTube channel with a selection of handy tips, hints and tricks for all of your candle needs, I found them very useful to watch and I fell in love with the Christmas one which I have added below as we all need a little something to get into the festive spirit don't we?

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1 comment

  1. I love Merry Marshmallow :)
    The strawberry buttercream sounds good too, I will have to track that one down!
    My favourite is Christmas Cupcake which I'm giving away on my blog at the minute :)
    pretty eclectic