Smile of the Week #49 - Back Again..♥

Hey sweeties♥

If you've been a regular reader of Life of a Sweetaholic since the beginning you'll know that I used to have a feature every week called 'Smile of the week' to begin with this was a photo/quote that made me smile that I liked to share, but then I changed it to ten things that had made me happy during the previous week. For some reason I stopped the feature, but lately I have been a weheartit addict once again so I thought instead of just keeping things that smile to myself I'd share a little bit of joy and bring back the feature. I might actually do a mixture of what has made me smile during the week and a photo/quote too - I know I am such a dare devil mixing the two!

So let's get back into the swing of things, my favourite quote from the past week has been:
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No matter what I do in life I will always only do it if it makes me happy. Sometimes spare of the moment things can oftern turn out to be the best things to do and at the end of it I always seem to come out happy.

Smiles during the week have been:

1. Sending Gina a photo of either Danny or Zayn every day to help her get through her uni deadline. Well it means that I get to hunt down some seriously hot photos of those gorgeous guys - bonus! // 2. Listening to One Direction What Makes You Beautiful while the sun is out, forgot how much I LOVED that song. // 3. When my iPhone flashed up that it was only 1 month until Ibiza on the 6th! // 4. Wrapping birthday gifts, I find it so theraputic at times, but not when I buy the most unusual shaped gifts, why do I always do it to myself? // 5. The sun, simple but the sun has been out most of the week and it has been simply amazing and has lifted everyone up.

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What has been making you feel all happy and smiley this week? 
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  1. Lovely quote :) I too have really been enjoying this sunshine, it does make me feel a lot happier. x

    1. Thanks Leanne :)
      It makes everyone so much happier, but now we are back to the rain :( xx