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Hey sweeties♥

I hope you are all having a lovely week? It seems to be going quite quick once again but hey I won’t complain as that means it is closer to the weekend and closer to my holiday too – yipppeee! I feel as though I haven’t done a lifestyle catch up post in such a long time, it has mainly been beauty and fashion on the blog lately which is good as I wanted to add more of those elements to the blog but it is always nice to have a sit down and catch up on life itself right?
So I thought I would introduce a new post feature called ‘Life Lately’ where I will update you probably every month or so on what has been happening in the life of Rachel. First off I just want to say sorry if I don’t post much lately, things at work have been a little manic as it is the last week of our college term so a nice summer break is coming up to get ready for the next academic year. Also with work I got to go to Liverpool, which really was so beautiful we went to The Beatles museum, on the Liverpool eye and then on an open topped bust – luckily we had such lovely weather.
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Now get ready for this, but can you believe that on 19th July Alfie will be ONE, yes really ONE, I cannot believe it myself, he still seems so little to me. He had ‘the’ operation a couple of weeks back and already we can see a difference that he is a lot calmer, but I think he has also become like a little baby, he is constantly wanting to be picked up and cuddled – it is far too cute. Image and video hosting by TinyPicAs Spring/Summer is finally upon us, well for now anyway, I have had my cleaning and let’s throw everything out moment already, I spent a whole Sunday just cleaning rubbish out of drawers and I literally have no idea where it all comes from I ended up having a bag of items to sell, 2 bags of general waste rubbish, 2 for recycling and 1 for the clothing bank – pure madness. But it was so nice to do as I finally got around to making a memory box and goodness me I have been to hell of a lot of concerts over the years and finding old memories really brought a smile to my face too. In the cleaning mode I also finally got my blogging area organised and I actually love just sitting there blogging away and of course looking into Louis eyes.Image and video hosting by TinyPicI’ve also been doing a lot of shopping for the holiday which I have loved as I have been finding some amazing bargains and it has been great to do lots of shopping without feeling guilty as I have an excuse that it is for the holiday. I headed up to Manchester this weekend to see Charlotte and we literally shopped until we dropped. Image and video hosting by TinyPicSo as you can see I have been quite busy, but that is basically what I have been up to in a nutshell, I thought I would try and keep it short and sweet but I seem to have waffled on.

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  1. Oh it was my wee Sammy's first birthday on Monday. We only had him for 3 months before it as we rehomed him but I still can't believe it x

  2. Love that you'll be doing posts like this, I enjoy nosing into other people's lives :) x