Alfie Diary #6 - Last Snowy Days..♥

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Hey lovelies

Hope you are all well? I had such a rubbish day yesterday with a terrible migraine and just felling totally rubbish, but today is a new day and that new day being Thursday means it is time for Alfie's Diary - wahooo!

So as you all know by now the snow has well and truly gone within the UK, thank goodness. I love how pretty it looks to start with but then after it looks awful and it isn't good when I already walk like Bambi on ice, so having actual ice was a nightmare. Thought I would show you the snaps that I got of Alfie when in the snow, he loved it, in fact I think he is part Husky bless him, he was a little confused when he woke up one morning and it was all gone.
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Oh and how cute does Alfie look when he goes to sleep under my chair in the office? I always shout for him when in the house but I can never find him until I lift the material up from the front of the chair and find him like this
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At the moment Alfie seems to be growing so much, I can't believe that he will be 7 months old on the 19th February, how mad is that? He is such a cheeky little character about him and he loves having morning snuggles in bed, too cute.
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