Smile of the Week #43 - New Edition

Hello lovelies

If you are a regular Life of a Sweetaholic-er then you will have seen my Smile of the Week feature quite a lot over the past year but it has slowly died out, sad I know. I used it as a place to post a cute image or lovely quote that I'd found during the week, but I don't have that much time to freely browse for pretty images anymore, as a little Alfie seems to want to play a lot more.

So I have decided to tweak it a little and re jig around with it, it will still be known as Smile of the Week, but I will be posting a mixture of images/quotes and telling you all about the things that have made me happy and smile during the week - kind of like a mini diary of happy thoughts.

Welcome the first post of the new edition, things that have made me happy and smile this week:

1. Not setting an alarm Sunday night, having the week off is the best

2. Warm cuddles from Alfie on a cold Autumn night - perfect

3. Endless cups of hot chocolate and tea during the day, the simple things are the best

4. Seeing how happy Alfie is when Liam walks through the door after work - too cute

5. Buying mini bags of sweets for Halloween, but of course having one to 'test out'

6. Mini Crunchie - it means I can have 5 at a time, no?

7. The rain on the windows at night, makes it so much easier to sleep

8. Knowing I am seeing some lovely friends tomorrow for shopping, food and giggles

9. Yankee Candle wax tarts, Christmas Cookie is the best scent ever!!

10. This cute face makes everything 100% better
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Hope you all have a lovely week and remember keep smiling and be happy!!
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  1. Loving all the things that are making you smile this week hun xo

  2. Such a lovely list of things that make you smile - I feel the same about rain helping me sleep and mini Crunchies definitely mean you get to have like 4 times as many! :-D

    Awww Alfie really does have the cutest face - looking at his picture makes me want a puppy again!