Product Review: MyMocktail WooWoo & Pina Colada

Hello cocktail pops

Today I have a product review for you all and I am sure that those of you who love a good cocktail or two will enjoy this very much! I was recently contacted to see if I'd be interested in trying out and reviewing two new MyMocktail non-alcoholic drinks those being the 'WooWoo*' and 'Pina Colada*', I obviously said I'd be delighted as they both sounded very yummy.

To start off with one of the cartons got damaged during delivery but a quick email to inform the company and the problem was fixed within days and I had a replacement sent straight away to enjoy, brilliant customer service.

Onto the actual products, now I am not the worlds biggest drinker, in fact I hardly ever drink at all now and when I do I tend to stick to the same drink, that being Archers and Lemonade - yummy. So these drinks were perfect for me to enjoy as an alternative to an alcoholic drink, but you can simply add in a splash of Vokda to make the Woo Woo alcoholic or a splash of Rum to make the Pina Colada alcoholic.
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The Woo Woo is a gorgeous berry red colour and I could instantly taste the cranberries as soon as I'd had a sip from the glass, it is very sweet with a slight twang at the end because of the cranberries, perfect to drink on a warm summers night with a bbq.
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The Pina Colada is a summery yellow colour and is very sweet and a little too sickly for me, but that is purely because I am not 100% fond of having coconut in a drink for some reason, but the pineapple flavour comes through and makes it really refreshing.
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I love the packaging of these products as they are eye catching and they'd easily stand out on the shelf in the supermarket, the fruits used on the front of each carton are a true representation of the flavours within the drinks and gives them a summery feel.

Do you think you'd buy any of these to enjoy on their own or as a quick and easy alcoholic cocktail?

For more information on these please visit the Facebook page here.

Disclosure: this product was sent as a PR sample, all views are 100% honest and the product has been tested fairly for the use of this blog post. PR items within this post are fully related to Life of a Sweetaholic.
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  1. I love a good cocktail! I love things like this where you just pour them in a glass and it's done, saves faffing around which wastes precious drinking time ;) haha

  2. These look yummy. I am quite wary of pre made cocktail mixes though.

    Beauty for Biochemists


  3. I think this is a great idea !
    Especially to have at a party then people who don't want to drink can enjoy them as well as those that do !
    Launa in Ponderland

  4. My fave cocktail is woo woo so to pour it straight in the glass from a carton instead of mixing one up my self would be great for me. great review hun xo

  5. These look a.mazing! I love cocktails but always tend to go for the mocktails because I'm constantly driving so can't drink. These would be perfect to take to a party with me instead of my usual bottle of coca cola, haha