Smile of the Week #41

Hello pretty bubbles

I am back with another Monday morning pick me up - seriously no need to thank me it is what I am here for.

After having a week away from the Olympics being on our screens it really made me realise how bloomin' awesome us British folk are. We managed to pull off an amazing opening and closing ceremony as well as all of the sporting events that took place, but not only that we came together as a nation and that really did shine for us.

So when I stumbled up on this weeks smile of the week it took me straight back to the closing ceremony of the Olympics and how it made me feel, at the start I wasn't interested at all about the 'bloody Olympics' as I used to say, but when I actually stopped to look at it it was pretty amazing and the quote says just that.

Isn't it funny when you actually stop doing something and look around, you actually see how amazing something really is, for instance if you are a painter or designer and feel like your design isn't going anywhere then stop and actually take a real look at it, I'm sure you'll feel 100% different about it. But no matter what you are doing and you feel you aren't getting anywhere then stop and actually look around you to realise what wonderful things are out there for each any every one of you.

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I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, what have you all been up to? Anything exciting happen?
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  1. This is a lovely quote!
    I was lucky enough to visit the Olympics and the atmosphere was just amazing. It made me really proud to be part of it all:)

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  2. Thats such a lovely quote! Made me feel very good! Thank you :)

    F x

  3. I love this so, so much! I could not agree more! Xx