Smile of the Week #34

Afternoon sweeties

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I cannot believe how fast the days have gone since Friday morning - pure madness. 

So as you may have already clicked on I am going to be introducing the 'Smile of the Week' posts to the blog once again. This idea came back to me last night while I was at my desk and having major Sunday night blues, I thought what better way to cheer you all up on a Monday afternoon by a lovely little smile. 

I hope this works and that you all enjoy having this feature back on the blog again.

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I don't know about you but whenever I get into a good book I always have the characters pictured in my mind and I really do find myself actually being in the book with them at certain points. I love it when I can pick up a good book and read for hours on end, it simply is perfect relaxing time. 

My favourite book if you are after a recommendation is Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon, this is in fact her second book, all of her books go in order as they were released as some characters pop up into other books and stories. 

What is your favourite book that you just love to read over and over again and get lost into a totally different world?
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  1. I love how totally absorbed I get when reading. It's always a bit sad to finish a book though.

  2. I love this, its so true :)
    I love being able to get lost in a good book,

    Paige Toon is definitely my favorite at the moment :)

  3. Aw this is lovely, and as I'm sure you will have picked up from my 'why I love to read' post, I could not agree more! Books are just magical. Kazaaaam.

    My all time favourite is 'One Day'. Jay zeus, it's remarkable! :) I just read 'One Perfect Summer' by Paige Toon and really enjoyed it! I found myself hopelessly falling for the lead male...! I will definitely be checking out 'Johnny Be Good!' Xx