Manchester: Beauty Event & Blogger Meet

On Sunday 16th October I headed off to Manchester with my best friend Lisa for the Professional Beauty North 2011 event, I was really excited for the event as there were so many things that I wanted to see and of course have a little shopping spree for some beauty goodies. The most exciting thing about the day was the fact that I was going to meet the lovely Charlotte and Georgina, I have got to know both girls from the More! magazine Facebook page and their blogs. So this means that I have crossed off number 16 on my 22 things list which was to meet at least one online friend.

When we got off of the train Charlotte and Georgina were waiting for us and it was as though we had known each other for so many years, we all instantly clicked and had such a great day. The event was SO busy, we managed to spend around 2-3 hours at the event, where I brought some gorgeous nail varnishes, nail wheels and a pre cut fruit wheel. I was shocked that I didn't buy more than I had, but there was a lot of the same items around and the prices weren't exactly kind to the old purse. After the event the four of us headed off to Pizza Hut, which was super yummy and we had a really funny waiter (who didn't want to interupt us!).

Nail Varnishes I brought at the event, such gorgeous colours. Look our for a post on these and swatches soon

Nail wheels and fruit slices

After stuffing our faces me and Lisa decided to call it a day, as we were so tired and all of the shops around Manchester were shutting at 5pm, so we all headed off to the train station and had a mini photo session. It was so funny, we were posing and having such a good time, not realising that Charlottes boyfriend was sat watching us in the car (hehe!).

Me, Charlotte & Georgina

Lisa, Me, Charlotte & Georgina

I had such an amazing day and meeting both Charlotte and Georgina was so nice and I cannot wait until we do so again, they are both such nice girls and I'd say that their blogs really do show their personalities.
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  1. Sounds like a fab day! Love the polishes you bought too, the colours look gorgeous :) x

  2. So glad you had such a good day! The nail varnishes look fabulous and you all look absolutely gorgeous! xXx

  3. This is a lovely post! I love the fruit things.

    The photos of you guys are all so gorgeous! :D xxxx

  4. Love those glittery nail polishes!

  5. Yayy so glad i met you! had such a lovely day :) xxx

  6. Awww i love this post, i'm doing mine tommorow :)
    i wsh i'd bought some nail varnish now, that gold china glaze one was gorgeous, can not wait to see the swatches :)

    hehe at the waited guy, he was so funny!

  7. Ahh looks like a lovely day, love the fruit slices! Off to check out the other blogs :)

  8. Thank you for all of the lovely comments girls!

    It was such a lovely day out and the event was really good too. Sorry I didn't take any pictures at the event, it was SO busy I didn't even want to get my purse out.

    Charlotte & Gina are amazing girls and I ♥ them lots and lots!

    Look out for swatches and NOTD with the polishes and some creations with the fruit slices soon!

    Love to you all

  9. love your boots :) sounds like a fab day xxx

  10. Thank you Lauren-Ella! They are from last year, but my faves!

  11. Glad you had fun! Xx Great pictures and love those nail polishes

  12. Looks and sounds like a fab day chick :) Love the items you got too xo

  13. It sure was a great day Claire & Gemma!

    I keep meaning to do posts on the nail varnishes, I still need to do my Models Own haul too, lots to look forward too though!